The Legendary Russian Facial with Nataliya Robinson

A facial that makes you feel a foot taller with the so-called ‘skin whisperer’? I had to try it out for myself…

Having heard many wonderful things about Nataliya Robinson and her holistic approach to skincare and anti-ageing, I was really excited when I was invited to try her Classic Russian Facial, which includes a traditional
Russian facial massage technique created by cosmetologists in the Soviet Union for women who had no access to skincare, but wanted something to make their skin look dramatically rejuvenated and more radiant.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 11.03.55.png

I arrived at Nataliya’s beautiful Chelsea clinic, and after a warm welcome I hopped excitedly onto a deliciously soft and cosy treatment bed. Nataliya analysed my skin before whipping up some magical skin preparations (she developed her own skincare range, Quantum Botanika, after high demand from clients). I cannot even begin to explain how incredible her products feel and how beautiful the natural scents are that seemed to burst from each purple pot.


After a deep cleanse and bespoke peel, Nataliya began the massage which consisted of working on the deep tissue to stimulate facial muscles, followed by gentle skin pinching and thorough, flowing lymphatic drainage, seeing me deep into a drooling beauty coma.

I didn’t realise how much tension I had in my face and head – afterwards I felt about six inches taller and when I looked in the mirror, my skin was glowing. I had a lovely youthful flush of colour to my cheeks and my face looked lifted, refreshed and my cheekbones more contoured.

This treatment is highly addictive, and Nataliya is so knowledgeable about ingredients, supplements and skin that I could have stayed and chatted to her for hours.

Highly, highly recommended – and worth every penny!

£320 for 45 mins. Find out more at

Nathalie Eleni