Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair Trend S/S17

I just love the pastel hair trend, my inner unicorn has been drooling at the beautiful lilacs, pale blues, apricot, baby pinks and mint green toners that arewidely available now both in salon and retail. 
My favourite in salon selection is from Kevyn Murphy - such soft and flattering tones - and I also love his philosophy in natural ingredients In a very chemical industry it's nice to have something more gentle that still delivers beautiful results. So far my lovely hairdresser Andrew at Stephanie Pollard Salon has made me lilac, apricot and currently Im a kind of 'startlight blue (wasn't quite brave enough for the full ocean blue I was initially eyeing up! - however I think I'm probably only one week a way from being so- it's pretty addictive! 

If you want to create this effect at home then try Pixi Lott's range - they are really easy to apply, try a strand test first - and make sure you leave it on for the allocated time as on my first go I washed it off too quickly (scared again! ;)) and the colour was barely there but after full application it's beautiful. 

Pastel colours are a great way to jazz up blonde hair, and wash out pretty quickly (usually after about 2/3 weeks) so it's short term and allows you to experiment with different colours without damaging your hair when done correctly.

You will need to have blonde hair or bleached hair first. Highlights can also work but for a less uniform finish as the pastel shade with will grab more to the bleached sections - which actually gives a really nice multi tone finish


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