Netflix and Chill: Lazy Sunday Facials


It’s not every Sunday I get to enjoy some proper “me-time”. When I’ve had a busy week and I’m feeling too lazy to leave the house, I love to gather my favourite beauty products for a luxury facial. Best enjoyed with tea and cake.

See below for my favourite 10 step facial, which will leave you feeling pampered, with glowing skin ready for Monday morning.

Eye Cleanse

First we need to remove any mascara or residue from the eyes. To do this I pre-soak two cotton pads in cold water before adding a few drops of eye makeup remover to each pad. Place over your eyes and gently press around the orbit in a circular motion. Use an outward sweep to remove any product. 

The following products are gentle but remove your eye makeup without needing to rub: 

Super Clean Skin

Use a rich balm or cleansing cream and gently massage over your face using circular movements, working downwards to your neck. Use a warm muslin cloth to remove the product.

I’ve tried a lot of cleansers in my time, but these are my all-time favs:


Skin Concerns

After removing all the makeup, dirt and impurities, we need to cleanse again. This is to treat any skin concerns you might have. The colder weather has made my skin a little dry at the moment, so I’m loving Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, which contains a mix of oils to make it really nourishing and prevent the dreaded flakiness! But everyone’s skin is different so choose a product that suits yours – I’ve made some recommendations below:  
Oily / Blemished Skin
Choose something with Tea tree or salicylic acid to help clear pores and treat bacteria, or coconut oil which is full of Lauric acid which has great natural anti bacterial properties.

Product recommendations :

Dehydrated / Dry / Sensitive skin
Use a cleansing cream or balm enriched with hyaluronic acid or essential fatty acids, evening primrose or almond oil.

Product recommendations:


Deep Pore Cleansing Steam

(Miss this step if you have extremely sensitive skin or skin with rosacea and prone to broken capillaries). 

I find steaming my face really brightens my skin and it’s so relaxing too – especially when you add essential oils like lavender and lime, to make a lovely calming and astringent mix. It’s something I don’t often make the time for, so feels like a real indulgence when I do. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oils to a bowl of freshly boiled water and spend a few minutes leaning over the bowl.

Refresh your skin after cleansing with a burst hydrating and calming mist, my favourites are:



Exfoliation should be a part of your weekly beauty routine already. I find exfoliating once or twice a week helps prevent the skin looking dull.  It’s particularly effective when you’ve just steamed your face.

Still leaning over the bowl of hot water, gently massage a granule scrub into your face, or if you have sensitive skin, choose an enzyme powder exfoliator. Remove with a clean damp muslin cloth or cotton pads. 

Some options for exfoliators that are kind to your skin:


The Facial Massage

Pat your skin dry and spritz toner over your face.  Next comes my favourite part – the facial massage. Choose a good quality facial oil – there are lots of new ones on the market right now so plenty to choose from; Holland and Barratt has a selection to choose from.  Spend a good few minutes massaging this in using lymphatic drainage movements.


The Mask

I usually apply a clay-based mask to the tea zone to help balance post steaming, and a hydrating / soothing one to the rest of the face, use a raindrop motion (fingers patting around your face) to help increase circulation. Leave for 10 mins then remove with a damp muslin cloth.

Clay Masks:

Hydrating Masks: 


Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, seems to be the latest Hollywood craze for losing weight, but it’s also a great way to tighten and refresh your skin after removing the mask.  Simply splash your face a few times with freezing cold water then use an ice cube wrapped in gauze and massage around your face working from the centre outwards. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, try Anne Semonin Express Radiance Ice Cubes  – they are incredible.


Bright Eyes

Apply an eye cream by gently pressing two fingers in pressure point movements around the eye socket line orbits. 

Product recommendations:




The Final Sparkle

Feeling relaxed yet? For the final step to get your skin looking super fresh, massage in a hydrating and illuminating serum, and follow with a nourishing moisturiser to seal in all the goodness. Finish with raindrop motions for one final boost of invigoration.

My current favourite serums: 


I hope you enjoy your DIY pamper sesh! Comment below with any questions on the steps or products I’ve used, and tell me what’s your favourite Sunday beauty routine? x

Nathalie Eleni