The Beauty of Salts & Minerals

I’ve always been an advocate for salt water therapy and mineral boosting, and love visiting thalassotherapy spas, for therapeutic treatments that combine mineral-rich seawater with algae, marine mud and seaweed. There are some fabulous spas in France or, if you’re looking for somewhere slightly closer to home, Champneys have great thalassotherapy pools.

I’m currently holidaying in the absolutely beautiful Cape Verde and we were lucky enough to visit a Salt Cave in Sal. Set deep in a Volcano, it was like an extreme version of a thalassotherapy spa! I have never experienced swimming in a real salt cave before and it was incredible! Walking into the water feels cool at first, but as we walked onto the salt it is beautifully heated due to a chemical reaction. Then before we knew it we were bobbing around in the water, our floating bodies supported by the salt. Some much-needed complete relaxation after a busy festive season! We left the salt on our skin for a few hours before showering off. Afterwards, not only did our skin feel incredibly soft, but I think I had the best night’s sleep of my life!

Sadly it’s not possible to visit Cape Verde or a thalassotherapy spa every week (I can dream..!), so to achieve similar benefits I try to have a weekly Epsom bath, using at least three cups full of Epsom Salts. Made up of magnesium sulphate, this mineral compound is a natural remedy that has long been known to have incredible anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and other health benefits. It can also help disperse water retention, for instance if you have puffy ankles after a flight or are feeling a little bloated. Simply sitting in a warm bath of Epsom salts for 20 mins can really provide many fantastic health results. They’re easy to find online; you can bulk buy them here.

TOP TIP: If, like me, you like to get the most out of your beauty treatments, you can further enhance the benefits with a few drops of essential oils. I usually add 3 drops of Lavender, 3 drops of Juniper & 3 drops of Rosemary to hit ailments at all angles (sleep, muscle ease and detoxifying).


Other home salt spa remedies:

Salt Scrub

Just because we’re in the middle of winter doesn’t mean you should neglect your skin. A full body salt scrub before entering your bath will invigorate your skin and improve circulation, for a natural all-over glow. To gain extra benefits from minerals it contains, leave the salt on your skin whilst you soak. 



Magnesium Spray

I occasionally have trouble sleeping (an overactive mind bursting with thoughts and ideas!), so I was really interested in a suggestion I read in “The Stress Cure” by Patrick Holford and Susannah Lawson, to up my magnesium levels before bed. You can take supplement tablets however I’ve been using a spray from Holland and Barratt (be warned it feels a bit itchy when you first spray it on so build up the sprays gradually). So far it really seems to be working, which means more energy and slightly less under-eye concealer in the morning! 

If you still need a little help with your complexion in the morning (don’t we all) check out this post for some quick fixes to disguise flaws and brighten skin.

Nathalie x

Nathalie Eleni